“Code of the West” debuts on public television

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Groundbreaking documentary exposes both the ridiculous fight over medical rights and inability of our representatives to accomplish anything worthwhile

October 8th, at 6pm on Montana PBS, the internationally acclaimed film “Code of the West” will be featured as one of 26 independent films in the World Channel’s new series “America Reframed“.


Award-winning director and Harvard Law Professor, Rebecca Richman Cohen, has already been screening the film and talking with audiences all over the country about what happened after Montana entrepreneurs trusted what our federal government said in a memo from 2009 stating people in compliance with state cannabis laws are not worth trying to prosecute.

The infamous raids of 2011 and brutal treatment of law-abiding Montana citizens, including the late Richard Flor (who died as a result of neglect in federal prison), will undoubtedly have a sobering effect on the slowly evolving national “conversation” about marijuana.

If we’re lucky, it may even help to re-frame the larger question about how we get our representatives to stop behaving like spoiled children and do their jobs.

Code of the West – Trailer from Racing Horse Productions on Vimeo.




  1. Confused says:

    Since release I cannot find this film anywhere. Are these filmmakers interested in using this film to create awareness? If so, release it on the internet so all can see.

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