Fee Increase, Updates and Rule Changes at DPHHS

April 27th, 2012 by John Masterson Leave a reply »

Several changes appeared yesterday at the DPHHS marijuana website. A summary:

  • Patient registration fee increase from $25 to $75, effective June 1st, 2012
  • Patient renewal fee increase from $10 to $75, effective June 1st, 2012
  • Regardless of when a registration/renewal is postmarked, if DPHHS receives it on or after June 1st, 2012, the new fee applies
  • Incorrect fees will cause the application to be denied
  • Providers application fees are $50
  • Providers must re-apply annually
  • Fees are never refunded, even if the application is incomplete or denied, or the card is later revoked
  • All applications require a photocopy of a valid (not expired) Montana driver’s license or state issued ID, to prove Montana residency.  The photocopy must be legible.
  • Landlord permission forms must be notarized

Reasons for the changes are contained in this Administrative Rules document (PDF).

There are now 11,993 registered patients in Montana, a drop of more than 2,300 in the last month. The program has shed roughly 18,000 participants in the last year.






  1. cindy says:

    WHY?? Is this being handled by DPHHS instead of it being between my Doctor and myself?? This doesnt make sense to me. I should go to my Doctor to receive my card….WHY would I register with a Government entity?? This is a private Medical Issue.

  2. vaporgirl says:

    Cruel punishment for patients. Why aren’t the providers picking up a per/patient fee, since they make all the money? And since when can a government agency REFUSE a license but KEEP the money? So as usual the silly state of Montana the rich can get whatever they want, the providers make money off of patients, and the patients are treated like dirt. All this is for is to discourage patients. So now a patients has to pay a Dr 150-250 to maybe get a recommendation approved, and then the STATE may or may not approve this request but will KEEP your 75$? This will encourage patients to go illegal. Each provider should be charged the new fee increase that is for patients! A provider/patient. Yep lets punish the patients for using cannabis !!!!!

  3. medcannabis1 says:

    Shame upon the legislators
    Shame upon the prohibitionists
    Shame upon the people of faith who stood by silently and did not come to the aid of the sick and dying
    Shame upon me for trusting our government to allow a compassionate cannabis program to develop

  4. David says:

    Montana has effectivly repealed it’s law without actually repealing it! My daughter just resigned from being a provider as she was constantly worried that she would be busted by the Feds, and she only made enough money to cover her expenses. I am a disabled person who found pain relief from Marijuanna, but I can’t afford all of the fees to get the medication legally. All this just as we are hearing that Harvard has found Marijuanna to have cancer curing properties! Montana State Government should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  5. @vaporgirl If I was a patient I might request that my provider pay all my examination/registration fees if I promise to stick with them for the year my card is valid. Whole new area of ‘service level agreement’ contracts…

  6. criss says:

    i was registered with Montana medical marijuana for five years. in October of 1995 i fell 32 feet in a construction accident and lost a piece of my brain. the damage caused me to have seizures and i was given phenobarbital to help with the condition. in 2007 my doctor recommended that i try medical marijuana because the phenobarbital was causing some uncomfortable side effects. for five years i grew my own and had wonderful results. i didn’t have any seizes and the side effects from medical marijuana were non existent. i became a caregiver for my mom and one elderly lady. medical marijuana replaced four of her opiate base medications and she said she felt more energetic. 18 months ago i had to stop growing for the two people i helped provide for due to new legislation. i am one of thousands with a similar story. what started off as a choice, voted in by the people of this great state, has turned into a political tool with only one purpose. to make as much money as possible. the legislators have twisted the original bill so much that most people don’t know what is legal or illegal any more. now they have gone and raised the price of processing applications. i don’t think the government gives a damn about the average person or how they want to live their lives. it was and always will be about money to them.

  7. suzy says:

    I really can’t believe what the government can do. Back in the 1960′s when I was in grade school, each and every morning we stood at attention, put our little hand over our hearts and receited our “Pledge of Alegance” TO THE FLAG, OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDVISIBLE,WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! Now who’s the “ALL”? I’m just one person in this beautiful state of Montana. God gave this world,country, and state to all of us. Not just a selected few. God also gave us “ALL” the plants on this earth to use as medicins, decorations, food…what is our governments problem?

  8. sandi says:

    Complete BULLSHIT as usual. The government really doesn’t give a crap about we the people..Lame, real lame. That is why people are still using the medicine (from some black market source) but not using the STATE program. The folks of montana that need this are opt-ing to not renew. This is NOT what I voted for. So wrong, just so wrong.

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