The Petition is Ready – Now Hold Your Horses

June 28th, 2011 by John Masterson Leave a reply »

Great news: Montana’s Attorney General and Secretary of State have approved the petition to block SB-423 and refer it to a vote of the people in 2012.

Signature gathering will not begin immediately. A few years back, the process of collecting signatures became a lot more complicated (28-page PDF).

For example:

  • Signature gatherers must be Montana residents
  • Signature gatherers may not be paid anything of value based on the number of signatures gathered
  • Each printed petition belongs to a specific gatherer — you cannot leave the clipboard lying around for people to sign
  • The gatherer must be present when the voter signs
  • The signer must be registered to vote at their current physical address
  • The gatherer must sign an affidavit swearing that each signer to each petition sheet provided a valid signature and understood the contents of the petition
  • Affidavits must be notarized by a licensed notary public
  • Signatures must be gathered by the county of residence of the signer

This is a just a portion of the rules; it’s complicated. There’s even a special complaint form for people to report violations, and any inappropriate behavior by signature gatherers. We can expect our opponents to be submitting¬† a few of these.¬† Expect lawsuits, too.

The good news is we have until September  to collect the signatures needed. If you would like to help you must register here.

There’s no doubt that we will collect a sufficient number of signatures; we have an army of people ready to sign and ready to help. But any misstep during the process could be fatal, and cause thousands of otherwise-valid signatures to be ruled invalid!

So, sign up for training, stay tuned, and cross your fingers for a favorable decision from the judge in the next 45 hours.




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  1. Kathy Glover says:

    i think this is great now lets get ready to get busy and get those signatures so this law does not hurt any more innocent people. i want to be able to gather signatures so if it is still available for me to be able to i am still interested need to know who to talk to on this thanks

  2. ele says:

    Like everything else the govt, who’s supposed to PROTECT our rights, goes out of its way to legislate and regulate our rights out of existence! Like our right to keep and bear arms. As long as you have permit and license which are available only on Feb 30th, when it falls on a Tues with a full moon and only between the hours of 11:59am and 12:00pm.

  3. JoAnn says:

    Yes, Let’s see what the people really want… step get rid of Mike Milburn!!! Vote him out, I’m so glad he’s a mind reader, I’m tired of all the prejudice. Make Phizer and the Lot give their drugs without making a profit, and make the people on Drug Company Drugs, make their own.
    No More discrimnation!
    Hemp Can Save The World!

  4. bob petersen says:

    yippy tie yo ! time to saddle up’n go !

  5. Encouraging friends and patriots to get out and take back your freedoms! I am the Petition Captain for HD 84, the Helena area, and will be needing as many signature gatherers as I can find. HD84 will be an important district and we need to make the most of it! Please contact me if you are interested in helping, need to register to vote, or just want to sign the petition. Power tot the People!

  6. longbud says:

    I signed something online that said it was the petition is this valid?

  7. longbud says:

    Thanks Damn sneaky computer marketers.Must be related to one of Montana’s state legislators who voted for sb-423

  8. Kathy Glover says:

    john would you make contact with me so i can help please i have a van and am able to assist with petition signature gathering and need to know how to get the petition so as to do that thanks

  9. David says:

    If law enforcement does go a little wild in arresting folks, remember that when you serve on a jury you have a right to judge both law and fact. That’s why I’m also supporting CI-107 that says anyone accused of a crime can argue the merits of the law to the jury. Now the judge tells the jury what the law is even though juries can judge those laws.

  10. Kathy, email petition at

  11. Enso_Boy says:

    This is all great to hear except for the fact that as of July 29th we have not seen or heard of even ONE person in the Bozeman/ Livingston area currently gathering signatures and as a result neither my wife or I have had an opportunity to sign this petition…Where can people go online to find out where they can go to sign the petition? C’mon, people; it would really be nice to see at least a little visibility here on this issue. It is an important issue to many of us Montanans; yet where is the activism? If people even think they have the slightest chance of getting SB 423 suspended through this new referendum petition; people need to get busy!

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