Montana Medical Marijuana Federal Raid Protests

March 15th, 2011 by John Masterson Leave a reply »

The federal raid live blog continues here.

Statewide protests against the dramatic and callous raids on as many as a dozen medical marijuana providers, timed perfectly to “coincide” with a key Senate vote on repealing medical marijuana, commence tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16th, 2011.

In cities statewide, Americans for Safe Access and Montana NORML (among others) are calling for people to convene upon their local city halls at 5PM, in protest of these federal actions and in solidarity with the thousands of affected patients.

What:  Vigils at Local City Halls
When: Tomorrow, Wednesday March 16th, 2011 starting at 5PM
Where: Your Local City Hall
IMPORTANT: Bring signs that say:  YOUR CITY wants Feds Out of MT” (for example , “Billings wants Feds out of Montana!”)

Some local events have Facebook pages:

If you plan to attend your local event, and to get information about joining a 2PM coordination conference call prior to the vigil,  please send an email with your city’s name in the subject line to:


Also, in Missoula, an “Out of the Shadows, into the Streets!” march is planned for Saturday the 19th in Missoula. Convene at Caras Park at noon. Bring your signs from Wednesday! Here is the Facebook event page.

If you plan to attend an event please send an email with your cities name in the subject line to
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  1. erik says:

    i will be there. thank you Norml and ASA for trying to organize a protest effort. You have my absolute support.

  2. Lauren B says:

    I will be there in support!

  3. Jan Vilhuber says:

    I’m not sure the proposed text of the signs agrees with the purpose of the protest. Wanting the feds out of MT is rather broad, and not realistic (nor wanted for the general case). What I thought the point was, was to voice our displeasure with the raids.

    Maybe: DEA out of MT?
    or: Defund DEA!

  4. Terry Allen says:

    If the DEA and their co-conspirators in the State of Montana were interested in respecting the will of the people, instead of violently seizing assets and shutting down businesses, they would have simply served summons and had the cases heard in court….just like they would do in any othe case where they suspected a business might be in violation.

  5. deidre becker says:

    This is about healthcare, not about a tea partyline.

    No more drug war. the people demand a right to healthcare.

    organize. get behind something other than a war with the feds. they really don’t want to loose, and its not worth our time.

  6. CJ says:

    Most encouraging thing I’ve seen come out of the federal government since states starting adopting these disingenuous “medical” marijuana laws. Hoping to see more raids in more states soon.

  7. A Legit Grower says:

    The laws themselves are not disingenuous. Some of the people are. There is abuse of any industry. What, you don’t think there are dishonest or illegally operating electricians, police force, grocery store owners, etc?? We don’t need the feds out of Montana, we need the feds out of Marijuana. We also need a little bit of a shakeup though to get everything back on track in Montana. There are several caregivers that were operating without any regards to the state laws or the even the general intent. Maybe this will help these people realize that they shouldn’t take for granted what we already have and we shouldn’t abuse the law when we are asking for it to be continued or expanded.

  8. hex says:

    are you retarded why would i march. wouldnt that bring more attention to us the care givers? im not showing my face to the feds or any of that breed. have fun im not puting my neck on the choping board like that. all the smart ones are in hideing.

  9. T says:

    To say that a protest is “retarded” simply means that you do not understand the value of such a “group” statement(No-one is planning a march). If we are doing this by Montana State law, you are hardly hanging your neck out on the line. To post a comment of such statement without proper punctuation makes me wonder who should truly be considered a “retard”, I think the smart ones know that there in no reason to be in hiding I support and thank Norml!!

  10. keith says:

    Because of pussies like you hex, big pharma, big tobacco, and big alcohol could win this battle. Veterens like me c u as the enemy just like the feds. My brothers aren’t dieing in corporate wars for idiots like you and cj. We become Navy Seals to protect your way of life and when we need you, you run. Maybe you should work for these terrorists.

  11. jim says:

    Don’t care one way or the other on the pot issue. I do care that states rights are again trampled on. It’s the United States of America, not America.

  12. mat says:

    and that right there is the problem. If people would get together and stand up for what they believe in, instead of quietly smoking pot in their closets, this wouldn’t have gotten near as far as it has. We do a talk show about this, we cannot be afraid anymore. We’ll be discussing the raids more in detail on tonight at 7pm PST. 10pm EST. Join us!

  13. sweetleaf says:

    be there with bells on. Know alot of folks here in the Flathead so please keep me posted I will will try my hardest to get the folks there!

  14. Bryan says:

    Might want to check this out before getting cart ahead of horse could be embarrassing…..

  15. super says:

    if weed hating bigots reaally cared about thier precious little babies, they would worry more about alcohol which kills them each day.

    but they dont actually care, its just an excuse to get into someone elses personal business.

  16. wes says:

    a sign or two should say[ repeal the marijuana tax law of 1937] then would wouldn’t have to worry about this raids

  17. Hey says:

    I will be there to support in Billings! I hope to see many more people there. Invite your friends!

  18. Jeff Howell says:

    The Feds came in and spanked those of us who were misbehaving as they should, I feel we should quit whining and NOT do anything shady and you won’t have to worry about it. They’d been planning an investigation for months. They didn’t say on the day of the stall oh let’s raid a bunch of people tomorrow, that big of an orchestrated bust takes months to set up. Get over it and fallow ALL the rules.

  19. Jeff Howell says:

    That’s not what’s going on thoe, the raided blatantly messed up.

  20. Jeff Howell says:

    Tax evasion,money laundering, out of state sales. I need say more

  21. Mari says:

    I,m a woman of 53 yrs. of age. I have severe neuropathy,fibromialgia and anxiety disorder. i used to take alot of hydrocodone and xanax. I don’t smoke the medicine because of lung damage. I use the tincture and topical oils. I.m afraid of what’s happening. Do you think my M.D. will give me back those pills? NO!!! My care-givers,(yes, I had a change of a caregiver)they are very honest and commited to their patients. If they were trying to hide anything, why would they put thier money in the bank for the federal government to TAX???

  22. Bruce Johns says:

    We’re all somewhat afraid. We’d be naive not to be. This great nation was built, and will be sustained, by those that are afraid but stand up and do what’s right anyway. It’s called courage. I’ll try to be there…especially on Saturday. Good work, John.

  23. Kevin says:

    In the days before medicinal cannabis, I would have never publicly discussed my opinion. There were many reasons not to, and not many reason to. Since we have brought back medical cannabis, and are making some progress, I now will discuss it publicly. I don’t use very much medicinal cannabis at all, so they wouldn’t get much if they did come after me. But the DEA is after cannabis outlets, and not cannabis users, so much, so it’s pretty safe to show your support these days. And my hat is off to anybody who has the courage and tenacity to be a provider and fight all the battles that come with the territory. We need to support them.

  24. mmj says:

    i used to work at one that was raided and they were shady as hell running drugs from state to state what we need are reforms of the laws not an all out repeal if your going to do it for the love of god do it legaly and follow the damn rules or you ruin it for the rest of us

  25. CAT says:

    LISTEN UP! MONEY TALKS and B.S. WALKS! WE the VOTERS, VOTED for the medical marijuana! Our incompetent ELECTED officials, have not done their job. It’s time the ELECTED officials work for the VOTERS. If the VOTERS, call their local and state governments, and inquire on how to protest YOUR taxes, the VOTERS will start to be heard! The farmers did it and they were heard. (it’s legaI, if done properly) If the ELECTED officals want to ignore the will of the VOTERS, then they should pick up the tab and exempt us of our taxes. We need to UNITE and talk their language, MONEY. If OUR tax dollars are tied up under protest, WE WILL be heard! So when you do contact YOUR ELECTED officials, let them know that the Voters are wanting to protest their taxes. you’ll get their attention!

  26. Jury Mutiny says:

    “Jury Mutiny” I dont know if it works in federal court but a good thing to tell people about.

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