Montana NORML Newsletter – Good News on HB 33 and Other Local News

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Earlier this morning in the House Judiciary Committee, HB 33, the any-amount-of-cannabis-metabolites-is-DUI bill, was tabled. This means it’s likely dead. Republicans and Democrats alike saw it as an overreaching of authority and science to charge people with DUI just because of some traces of chemicals in their urine.

Relish that news, as there may not be a lot more good news out of this legislative session. We’ll see.

Also, there’s a hearing tomorrow about SB 193:

This bill is interesting is that it attempts to “tighten up” the medical marijuana program with subtle tweaks, rather than dramatic re-invention.

Some if these tweaks include:

  • raises patient app fee to $150
  • requires  patients and caregivers to sign statement not to divert
  • two physicians required for minors
  • caregiver registration fee of $200
  • caregivers must be residents and submit fingerprints
  • caregivers may not have criminal records that include crimes of violence or felony drugs (unless more than 10 years ago)
  • automatic card revocation for diversion
  • increase to 2.5 oz possession limit
  • plants must be grown in enclosed locked facility
  • 2.5 oz every 14 days max sold per patient
  • caregiver must maintain records of those sales, available to cops on request
  • no public smoking allowed

Have an opinion on these matters? Here’s next steps for action:

In other news, the state bill to prohibit cities and counties from passing law designed to establish law enforcement priorities was proposed by Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg in response to Missoula County’s Initiative #2, which recommended that law enforcement treat adult marijuana crimes as their lowest possible priority:

Curiouser and curiouser.

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