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Last week I told you more about the upcoming legislature and how Montana NORML is preparing for it.  Tonight I’m going to tell you what you can do.

First though, a reminder. The Montana legislature (the people we elected) meets for 90 days, every other year. That’s it. They will consider hundreds of the bills; around 20 of them have something to do with marijuana. There will be efforts to erase medical marijuana from the books, efforts to hand it back to the voters to decide, and various efforts to further restrict and regulate the program.  Some proposals will be horrible, some tolerable.

You and I have some ability to influence the process and the outcome. If you care enough to do something to preserve legal access to cannabis, here are things that you can do:

  • Start saving and scheduling for a road trip to Helena. We don’t know yet when key hearings will be, but this campaign will need well-spoken patient advocates in Helena throughout January, February, and March. Contact our friends at if you want to help in this way.
  • Get ready to contact your legislators. This tactic requires zero money and very little time. Go to — click where you live, and then click the “I live in this district and want to help!” link and enter your name, phone number, and email address. If and when it becomes important that the legislator who represents your district hears from you, we’ll let you know directly.
  • Write a check. Please forward this message to your grower friends. If they like what they do, and believe they’re helping people, they damn well better invest in the campaign to preserve the law. To make a tax-deductible donation to fund medical marijuana education efforts during the upcoming legislature, send your check here:

Citizens for Responsible Crime Policy
PO Box 7146
Missoula MT 59807

To make a lobbying donation that will be put towards making marijuana legal for all adults, click the yellow Donate button on our website, or send your check to:

Montana NORML
PO Box 8411
Missoula, MT 59807

I know it’s really easy to ignore a call to action in a newsletter. I receive emails from several organizations, and don’t always take the requested action.

But if you’ve been reading our newsletter for a while, you know that Montana is at a crossroads. In a few months, we may be the first state to repeal medical marijuana. That’s possible. But if we work together, we have a chance to prevent that outcome.

Please choose one of the tactics above, and do it, right now.

Then, check out the week’s news:

Marijuana News


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