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I know we here in Montana sometimes express disdain, even disgust, with all things California. However, it cannot be denied that the state has been on the forefront of numerous social issues, and now, ending marijuana prohibition is on California’s agenda.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve called for Montanans to donate to help California activists pass their “Proposition 19“.  The idea is, if California can end marijuana prohibition in their state, other states will likely follow, eventually. I predict Montana could do it in just a few years. Maybe, if you and I really work at it, sooner than that.

The result of our fundraising campaign was encouraging. Together, we raised about $500 for the campaign (click through to learn more and donate directly). I can only imagine the response when we’re working (soon) to make marijuana legal for all Montana adults!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Montana legislative candidates are trying to get elected, and some of them will soon be trying to change our marijuana laws.  Some of them want to eliminate medical marijuana altogether while others want to end prohibition entirely.

How do you know who’s who? Consult this site: Montana Legislative Candidates’ Positions on Marijuana

The site is a partnership between Montana NORML, the Montana Medical Growers’ Association, and other organizations that work to reform cannabis laws in Montana. It’s your go-to tool for guidance on how to vote for marijuana law reform. Check back often, because we’re updating it with new info frequently.

Today, we added info for two Flathead districts (HD 3 and HD 4), and one Missoula district (HD 96). Click the map to figure out your district!

Important Alert!

Ladies, if you’re ready to step up and speak out for cannabis liberty, now’s the time. The Women’s Marijuana Movement is preparing a nationwide Day of Action on Tuesday, October 7th at 12:30PM.  If you’d like to be involved, email us ( ASAP,  and/or show up at the northwest side of the Higgins Street Bridge in Missoula, by Caras Park. Bring your ovaries, attitude, and SAFER-compatible signs, please!

Facebook Fans, here’s the event page.

And now, the latest marijuana news from around the GREAT state of Montana:

Montana Marijuana News

Marijuana News from Beyond

Thanks for your interest and support.  Remember always that we have Truth, Justice, and Liberty on our sideNobodyshould be arrested for marijuana use. Let’s “Just Say Now“, and end marijuana prohibition, tomorrow.

Onwards and Upwards.

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