Montana NORML Newsletter – More City Bans, $100 High-Ku, and some other stuff.

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Montana NORML News

Hi all, Just a quick note tonight, as I’ve just spent the last 18 hours driving to and attending today’s MCN cannabis convention in Kalispell. I got a chance to meet lots of great future activists and a couple generous growers – thank you. MCN is headed to Great Falls, Lewistown, Billings, Bozeman, and Missoula over the next few days. Details here:

Montana Marijuana News

My presence in Kalispell was timely today; there was a front page story pondering when the city’s marijuana shops may have to locate. Near hospitals? Near porno shops? Heavy industrial? We shall see. More temporary marijuana business bans in the last week, from Laurel (where the cops want more access to the patient list),Bozeman, and a condo association in Big Sky. The fact that so many cities are jumping on the 90-day bandwagon around the same time will make for some interesting results in late spring, when presumably all the new rules will be unveiled and Montana ganjapreneuers and nonprofit caregivers will begin navigating fresh bureaucracies. After some coverage in the Indy’s newsletterour $100 “High-ku” contest is starting to take off. Deadline is 3-20, so put your creative thinking caps on and give us some more 5-7-5 syllable concoctions about why marijuana should be legal. We rolled over 1000 Facebook Fans this week! Congrats to Cory for being #1000, we are sending you some goodies in the mail. We’re preparing a special gift for all 1000 in the next few days. Check out our Facebook Page to partake. We are still searching for:

That’s all for now; I thank you for your interest.

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  1. Funny I was there with our attorneys.
    Where were you or Tom Dobare?
    Nowhere to be seen?????
    The Healing Center Montana is the ONLY one fighting for patients rights!!!!!
    Every one else is just lip service!!!!!!
    Why dont you put you money where your mouth is.
    Like we DO!!!

  2. john says:

    Not sure I understand your comment completely, but if you’re asking where I was at the Kalispell MCN event on Thursday, I was at a table with a Montana NORML banner on the front of it, in the middle of the room, from about 8:30AM until 9PM.

  3. No,
    at the city council meetings

  4. I read Mike Smiths comment below from the Healing Center and felt I needed to address my feelings now about the comments he makes every time I read a blog or newspaper article.

    Mike, why do you feel it is necessary to bash every person in this industry beside yourself? There are many people doing this right and there are many people doing this wrong. Your arrogance and attitude towards people just make the medical cannabis industry look pathetic. We need to get a long with each other. There is many different ideas and beliefs about different legeslative issues and how a medical marijuana business should be ran. Let the patients decide for themselves.

    MIKE SMITH, I know for a fact that you are not the only one fighting for patients rights!
    I am fighting for patient rights everyday just by participating in this industry. Also, obviously John and Tom do as well. What change have you brought to the table besides your negative comments towards others and steep prices for medicine. Also, stop using profanity on every comment you make. Why do patients have to see your crudness towards others? Stop acting like you 12, grow up, and maybe write a paragraph like an adult when you feel you need to make your point across.

    I would like to give thanks to Montana NORML for fighting for patients rights and continuing to update me about different issues with regarding Cannabis.

  5. smokeonthemove says:

    I agree with the last comment. Mike Smith needs to chill out. As a patient activist who works with the elderly to get their cards it is unsavory to have to read Mike’s comments. I do not recommend to new comers to read any of the blogs about the cannabis industry. It is confusing and a bit scary for those who have never taken a toke before to see all this S%%% flying.

  6. Jason Christ says:

    Serving Thousands…Now up to about 12,300, roughly…

    Now it seems that the hate mongering is starting — how does this help end suffering? With so much suffering, how can we be competing with each other? Can we not help each other to help others…
    1. End Suffering?
    2. Right the Wrongs?


    We hire doctors, to see patients, and to enroll them into the Medical Marijuana Program for the State of Montana.
    …And Attorneys and Caregivers to teach the law and how to be a good and respectful caregiver – open to helping improve everything for those in pain.
    …And we provide a free open forum for caregivers to setup a booth at the trade show / expo.
    …And we spend some of the money hiring lawyers, calling city counsel members, filming…to get the message out to the powers that be, how this all works, and that it is safe.

    I have smoked a bowl with Mike Smith. He is helping patients get thier cards, in his own way. His method is his way of doing things, and is neither right or wrong. He is still helping patients with their medicine. Remember that our diversity is our strength – love everyone…

    Thanks, I’m tired…goodnight.

  7. Please remember that we are all in this together and we need to speak positively about each other. It will show the powers that be that we are not immature.

    Thanks for understanding in advance.

  8. Ava Tilly says:

    Green Heart compassion center is sure helping people too!! I and about 30 people I know got medical cards through them and they are a wonderful bunch! The cards came in about four weeks. I wanted to comment because you can tell they are here to help patients…. and I was so happy to see that.

  9. christ0909 says:

    Kudos to all the caregivers out there doing things justly.

    Jason Christ- I have been mistaken for you in various blogs. Thank you for your input. It is kind and refreshing.

    Michael Smith- LOL. Bye Bye Buffoon.

  10. christ0909 says:

    [def] Buffoon, (n)- A Fool, a ludicrous person, a bumbling idiot.

  11. Sensi Diamond says:

    Healing Center in Helena just closed down. At least the word is getting out that Smith is a huckster.

    Medical Marijuana is Good.

    Pull out the weeds.

  12. Aaron Fegles says:

    words on the street is he is a felon from colorado
    and he got popped by the feds and is now a informant…

  13. nadine420 says:

    He IS an informant and I have an email from him admitting to that fact. He bought his freedom and moved on to busting people in AZ. 3 people that I know of sitting in jail in MT because of him. It seems the AZ folks have figured him out and he has moved on to Alaska.

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